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Rha, Sun Hwa
Born on 26 June 1949 in Seoul
Graduated from Attached Girls' High School to the College of Education Sangmyung University and Ewha Womans University with B.A. in History
Professional Experiences
National Cultural Heritage Committee Member, 2005-2013
Executive Director, Path to Life and Peace Corporation, 2004-2013
Incheon Metropolitan City's Cultural Heritage Committee Member, 2005-2013
Board Member of the Korean Institute of Culture Architecture, 2006-2011
Board Member of the Korean Society of Museum Studies, 2004-2011
Chief Curator at Ewha Womans University Museum, 1976-2006
President of Korean Curators Forum, 2000-2005
Senior Researcher of Korea-Russia Co-research Group of Balhae Archeological Site, 1992-1999
Authored Korean Small Dining Table (1991), Origin of Onggi (2000), The Features of Korean Onggi (2001), Tradition and History of Korean Ceramics (2005), Pottery: Korean Traditional Handcrafts (2006), and Korea Pottery (2006)
Appointed as Administrator on 26 December 2013