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East Nine Royal Tombs, Guri
The East Nine Royal tombs, Guri is the biggest royal grave area in Korea. It is named as such from the saying; “there are nine royal tombs in the east.” The tombs of 17 kings and queens of the Joseon Dynasty are gathered here. When the founder of the Joseon Dynasty, King Taejo, Yi Seonggye, passed away in 1408, King Taejong ordered that a good gravesite be found for the royal family. After looking in the Paju and Goyang areas, the current place was designated. Construction of the East Nine Royal tombs, Guri was done throughout the entire Joseon Dynasty. It came to be called the East Nine Royal tombs, Guri after 1855 (the 6th year of King Cheoljong), when the Sureung, the tomb of King Ikjong who received the title after death, was constructed as the ninth of its kind. Before that, it was called the East Nine Royal tombs, Guri(東五陵) or the Dongchilleung (東七陵).

A total of nine tombs are in the East Nine Royal tombs, Guri . Centered round the Geonwolleung (健元陵), the tomb of the founder King Taejo, in the north of the Geomaksan Mountain, there is the Mongneung (穆陵), the tomb of the 14th King Sunjo, his lawful wife, Queen Uiin and his second lawful wife, Queen Inmok on the eastern hill. The Hyeolleung (顯陵), the tomb of the 5th King Munjong and his wife Queen Hyeondeok, is located in the south of the mountain, along with the Sureung (綏陵), the tomb of King Ikjong and his wife Queen Sinjeong (King Ikjong was the Crown Prince of the 23rd King Sunjo and received the posthumous title of king). On the west side of the Geonwolleung, there is the Hwireung (徽陵), the tomb of Queen Jangnyeol, the second lawful wife of the 16th King Injo, and on the next, the Gyeongneung (景陵), the tomb of the 24th King Heonjong, his wife Queen Hyohyeon and his second lawful wife Queen Hyojeong, is located. Under the Gyeongneung, the Wolleung (元陵), the tomb of the 21st King Yeongjo and his second lawful wife Queen Jeongsun, is located along with the Hyereung (惠陵), the tomb of Queen Danui, the wife of the 20th King Gyeongjong. Finally, on the far left, the Sungneung (崇陵), the tomb of the 18th King Hyeonjong and his wife Queen Myeongseong, is located.

The East Nine Royal tombs, Guri is a very important piece of cultural heritage to enable us to see the changes in the tomb system and the ups and downs of the 500 years of the Joseon Dynasty at one glance. Besides, its surrounding scenery is very graceful, with the overgrown forest throughout the entire tomb area and the stream passing through it.

Location Map of Joseon Royal Tombs