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Sareung Royal Tomb, Namyangju
Sareung Royal tomb, Namyangju (思陵)
This is the royal tomb of Queen Jeongsun (定順王后, 1440-1521) from the Song family. She was the lawful wife of the 6th King Danjong. Queen Jeongsun was installed as Queen in 1454 (the 2nd year of King Danjong). In the year following the installment, when King Danjong abdicated the throne to Prince Suyang and became an ex-king, she was invested with the title of Queen Dowager Uideok. The Byeongjasahwa (丙子士禍, a rebellion to restore King Danjong) in 1457 downgraded King Danjong to be Prince Nosan and Queen Dowager, the Lady. When Prince Nosan was exiled to Yeongwol in Gangwon-do province, she was forced to part from him for life. She built a thatch-roofed house in Yeonmijeongdong outside of the Dongdaemun (the East Gate) in Seoul and named it the Jeongeobwon (the current Cheongnyongsa Temple), and stayed there, longing to be reunited with King Danjong. Given the news of the death of King Danjong at the age of 17, Queen Jeongsun went up to the top of the mountain (the Dongbangbong Peak) behind the temple every day and fell into a deep sadness while looking in the direction of Yeongwol. Queen Jeongsun lived until the age of 82, without leaving an heir.

As Queen Jeongsun had lived throughout seven reigns of the Joseon Dynasty, King Jungjong held a funeral for Queen Jeongsun with courtesy suitable for the wife of the Prince. Princess Gyeonghye, a sister of King Danjong, entombed her in the graveyard of the Jeong family (the Jeong family from Haeju) into which she had married and performed a sacrificial rite for her. When King Danjong was posthumously restored by King Sukjong in 1698, she was also restored as Queen Jeongsun. Her posthumous epithet was at first placed in the Changgyeongung Palace and then, moved to the ancestral shrine of the royal family. As for the title of the tomb, the Sareung (思陵) was given as she had lived her entire life missing King Danjong.

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