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Taereung and Gangneung Royal Tombs, Seoul
Taereung and Gangneung Royal Tombs, Seoul ADMISSION INFORMATION ON TOMB
Taereung Royal tomb, Seoul (泰陵)
The Taereung (泰陵) is the royal tomb of Queen Munjeong (文定王后, 1501-1565) from the Yun family. She was the second lawful wife of the 11th King Jungjong of the Joseon Dynasty. King Jungjong and Queen Munjeong had one son and four daughters, including King Myeongjong. When King Myeongjong ascended the throne at the age of 12, Queen Munjeong ruled as regent for eight years. Making her younger brother, Yun Wonhyeong, stand in the forefront, she stirred up the Eulsasahwa (乙巳士禍, a massacre of scholars) and the Jeongmisahwa (丁未士禍, a massacre of scholars caused by a rebellious writing on the wall of the Yangjae station), and executed many scholars. She also made an effort to rehabilitate Buddhism with the high priest Bou (普雨) taking the lead.

During her life, Queen Munjeong wished to move the Jeongneung (靖陵), the tomb of King Jungjong, originally located at the present Seosamneung, to a location near the Bongeunsa Temple whose head priest was Bou, and wanted to be buried next to King Jungjong. But, her wish was not fulfilled. King Myeongjong granted his mother a posthumous epithet of Munjeong and named the tomb the Sinjeongneung (新靖陵) and later changed it to the Taereung.
Gangneung Royal tomb, Seoul (康陵)
The Gangneung (康陵) is the royal tomb of the 13th King Myeongjong (明宗, 1534-1567) and Queen Insun (仁順王后, 1532-1575) from the Sim family. It is located in the eastern range of the mountain, one kilometer away from the tomb of his mother, Queen Munjeong (the Taereung). King Myeongjong was the second son of King Jungjong. When King Injong died in 1545, King Myeongjong ascended the throne at the age of 12 and was under regency of Queen Munjeong. As his mother, Queen Munjeong, died within two years after the death of his son, the Crown Prince Sunhoe, his heart was deeply wounded. Without fulfilling his wish of being a wise ruler, King Myeongjong died at the age of 34. When King Myeongjong died without an heir, Queen Insun raised the third son of Daewongun Deokheung (the 7th son of King Jungjong) to the throne. He is the 14th King Sunjo. As King Sunjo was of a young age, Queen Insun ruled as regent until 1568. After the death of Queen Insun, her tomb was created next to that of King Myeongjong.

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