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    • Sungnyemun Gate in Seoul
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    • Sungnyemun Gate in Seoul
    • Sungnyemun Gate in Seoul
    • Sungnyemun Gate in Seoul
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 Classification National Treasure   1
 Name of Cultural
Sungnyemun Gate in Seoul
 Kind of Cultural
 Designated Date 1962.12.20
 Address 40 Sejong-daero, Namdaemun-no 4(sa)-ga  Jung-gu  Seoul
 Age King Taejo of Joseon Period
 Owner National Property
 Manager Jung-gu
 Description Namdaemun Gate, which is also called Sungnyemun Gate, is the main south gate of the city wall of Seoul.It was first built in the fourth year of King Taejo's reign (1398), and rebuilt during the 29th year of The Great King Sejong's reign (1447).

It was also found out during the renovation work in 1961-1963 that there was also a rebuilding work in the tenth year of King Seongjong's reign (1479).This is the oldest wooden structure in Seoul.

The base structure is made of granite blocks pierced by a single arch for gateway.

The wooden superstructure is a two-storied pavilion, five compartments on the front and two compartments at the sides, with a hipped roof.

It originally had a hip-and-gable roof shaped like the Chinese character of ‘八’ but it was reworked into a hipped roof.

It is a profusely-bracket-style building with intermediate sets.According to the record of Jibongyuseol , a book on practical science, Prince Yangnyeong wrote down Sungnyemun on the hanging board.This building is one of the worthy wooden architecture with accurate year of its construction.