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 Classification Treasure   2
 Name of Cultural
Bronze Bell of Old Bosingak Tower
 Kind of Cultural
 Designated Date 1963.01.21
 Address National Museum of Korea . 137 Seobinggo-ro (Yongsan-dong 6(yuk)-ga)  Yongsan-gu  Seoul
 Age King Sejo of Joseon Period
 Owner National Property
 Manager National Museum of Korea
 Description Until 1985 this bell had been used to ring out the old year on New Year's Eve, and now it is kept in the precincts of the Central National Museum.Made under the reign of King Sejo (1468), it used to be preserved in Jeongneungsa Temple.

With the temple no longer exist, it was moved to Wongaksa Temple and had been stored in Bosingak ever since Japanese aggression (1592∼1598).

Since then, despite undergoing several war disasters, the bell survived and has been called 'Bosingak Bronze Bell' since 1895 when the name tablet was put up in front of the structure during the reign of King Gojong.

This bell is the most representative one of its kinds made in the early Joseon Dynasty and heavy enough with its 19.66 ton in weight, 3.18m in height, and 2.28 m in diameter.

At the top there is no metal tube that can help emit tones when struck, but a sculptured dragon with two heads that functions as a hook to hang up.

This bell forms a graceful flowing curve from the shoulder, and a straight line from the middle to the base, with three bands around the trunk and two bands around the base with a long inscription stating its origin.This bell is considered as the most valuable heritage even though it has been slightly damaged in shape and sound quality after undergoing war disasters.