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    • Mural Tomb of Bak Ik in Miryang
    • Mural Tomb of Bak Ik in Miryang
    • Mural Tomb of Bak Ik in Miryang
    • Mural Tomb of Bak Ik in Miryang
    • Mural Tomb of Bak Ik in Miryang
    • Mural Tomb of Bak Ik in Miryang
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 Classification Historic Site   459
 Name of Cultural
Mural Tomb of Bak Ik in Miryang
 Kind of Cultural
 Designated Date 2005.02.05
 Address San134, Gobeop-ri, Cheongdo-myeon  Miryang-si  Gyeongsangnam-do
 Age Early Joseon Period
 Owner Milseong Bak Clan
 Description The tomb of Bak Ik of the Milseong Bak clan is located on the hillside of a family graveyard in Gobeop-ri, Cheongdo-myeon, Miryang, Gyeongsangnam-do.

It is a square tomb with stone figures, altar, stone slabs round the tumulus, and a mound 6m wide, 4.8m long and and 2.3m high.

Inside is a stone chamber (5m long, 1m wide, 0.8m high) covered with murals on all four walls.

In terms of construction, this tomb is notable for being a square tomb with a tunnel.

Square tombs were popular among a certain class from the late Goryeo Dynasty to the early Joseon Dynasty, but this tomb is different in that it has a tunnel to the south and that the stone slabs surrounding the tomb are sloped.

No tunnels have been found in the horizontal entrance stone chamber tombs of early Joseon as yet, and it is assumed that the tunnel in this tomb functioned as a grave entrance and door for putting the coffin in.

It thus provides information on the origin of tomb styles.

The murals are painted in fresco.

The granite walls were covered in plaster and the paintings were first outlined in black and then the colors applied (red, blue, black) while the plaster was still wet.

Though some parts have been damaged, the remaining parts clearly show paintings of people, horses, tools and other things related to everyday life.

Bak Ik (penname: Songeun), who lived 1332-1398, was a civil official of the Goryeo Dynasty.

He passed the state civil service exam during the reign of King Gongmin and served in many high posts, posthumously being granted the rank of minister.

He is the author of a collection of poetry and prose titled Songeunjip.

The murals in the tomb are valuable for archaeological and art history purposes, and for studying the life and customs of early Joseon, while the memorial stone is valuable for studying the life of Bak Ik as a civil official of late Goryeo.

The murals were found while repairing the gravesite which was damaged by typhoons in 2000, and an in-depth study has been carried out on them.