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    • Old Road of Jungnyeong Pass
    • Old Road of Jungnyeong Pass
    • Old Road of Jungnyeong Pass
    • Old Road of Jungnyeong Pass
    • Old Road of Jungnyeong Pass
    • Old Road of Jungnyeong Pass
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 Classification Scenic Site   30
 Name of Cultural
Old Road of Jungnyeong Pass
 Kind of Cultural
 Designated Date 2007.12.17
 Address San 86-2 etc., Sucheol-ri Punggi-eup  Yeongju-si  Gyeongsangbuk-do
 Owner National & Private Property
 Manager Yeongju-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
 Description This road stretching along a scenic valley in Sobaeksan National Park served as the main route linking Yeongju and Danyang in the old days.

The beautiful scenery features long tree tunnels along the road and the surrounding mountain ridges.The oldest known record of the road is found in Samguk sagi (History of the Three Kingdoms), which says, "A road is opened at last over Jungnyeong, the Bamboo Pass, in the third month of the fifth year of King Adala of Silla [A.D.

158]." A 15th-century national gazetteer, Survey of the Dongguk yeoji seungnam (Geography of Korea) notes, "Jukjuk was tired to death while building the road over Jungnyeong Pass in the fifth year of King Adala; there is a shrine on the ridge, where memorial rites are held for him."Due to its strategic importance, the area around Jungnyeong Road was incessantly contested by rival states.

According to History of the Three Kingdoms, Silla seized 10 villages north of the pass in alliance with Baekje in the 12th year of King Jinheung (A.D.

551), and four decades later in the first year of King Yeongyang (A.D.

590), the famous general Ondal of Goguryeo volunteered to lead troops on an expedition against Silla, pledging never to return before recovering the lost territory.