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    • Suncheonman Bay
    • Suncheonman Bay
    • Suncheonman Bay
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    • Suncheonman Bay
    • Suncheonman Bay
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 Classification Scenic Site   41
 Name of Cultural
Suncheonman Bay
 Quantity 3,015,859㎡(Designated Area)
 Designated Date 2008.06.16
 Address 1176, Anpung-dong, Suncheon, Jeollanam-do  Suncheon-si  Jeollanam-do
 Manager Suncheon
 Description Suncheonman Bay has a rare coastal wetland featuring fantastic reed fields, wild turkey habitats, and curving waterways, creating beautiful ecological landscapes.

The broad intertidal zone has developed a rich wetland with various mudflat creatures including lugworms, crabs, and shellfish.

The wetland provides wintering grounds for some 200 kinds of birds including hooded cranes, black storks, and Eurasian spoonbills -- which have been designated as natural monuments by the Korean government -- and 11 internationally rare species such as long-billed ringed plovers, oriental greenfinches, great reed warblers, and Eurasian oystercatchers.

The huge groups of migratory birds flying against the sunset have become scenic emblems of Suncheonman Bay.

In 2006, the Korea Tourism Organization named the bay one of the nation's most outstanding places for landscape appreciation.