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    • Habitat of the white-bellied black woodpecker in Gwangneung
    • Habitat of the white-bellied black woodpecker in Gwangneung
    • A Cock and a young white-bellied black woodpecker
    • The hole of a tree which white-bellied black woodpecker sleeps
    • Habitat of the white-bellied black woodpecker in Gwangneung
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 Classification Natural Monument   11
 Name of Cultural
Natural Habitat of White-bellied Woodpeckers near Gwangneung Royal Tomb
 Kind of Cultural
 Designated Date 1962.12.03
 Address San99-1 etc., Bupyeong-ri  Namyangju-si  Gyeonggi-do
 Owner National & Private property
 Manager Namyangju-si
 Description A White-bellied Black Woodpecker is a kind of woodpeckers and is surviving only in the middle area of Korea Peninsular.

It is at a extermination crisis.

A nest of this bird is built on 100~300 years old trees such as a pine tree, a fir tree, an oak tree making an oval hole.

A young bird's food is an ant or a larva and a hen-bird usually eats fruits.

This bird is called 'Keullaksae' in the North Korea and 'kollaksae' in Gwangneung.The habitat of the White-bellied Black Woodpecker in Gwangneung extends over five regions of Sohol-myeon, Naechon-myeon in Pocheon-gun, Gyeongi-do and of Jinjeop-eup, Byeolnae-myeon, Jadun-myeon in Namyangju-si.

Gwangneung could be maintained a dense forest where the White-bellied Black Woodpecker can make a nest and live because it is a place that King Sejo and Queen Yun in Joseon are buried and the forest around Royal Tomb was strictly protected for 460 years of Joseon Dynasty.

Though it is changed a lot, native plants of this area are known more than 790 species and the forest is consisted of more than 200 years old big tree.The White-bellied Black Woodpecker is mostly living here.

After 1979, the investgation on breeding ecology have done and we could ascertain that a couple annually has bred using a different nest.The White-belled Black Woodpecker is not only a precious bird living in Korea but also a material proving the fact that Korea and Japan were linked on land.

Therefore, the White-bellied Black Woodpecker's living region is designated and is protected as a Natural Monument because it is valuable as a scientific material.