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 Classification Natural Monument   13
 Name of Cultural
Breeding Ground of Grey Herons in Nowon-ri, Jincheon
 Kind of Cultural
 Quantity 2,438㎡
 Designated Date 1962.12.03
 Address 113-12 Nonsil-gil, Iwol-myeon  Jincheon-gun  Chungcheongbuk-do
 Owner Sin Hyeon-dal
 Manager Jincheon-gun
 Description A Heron is the largest bird of egret family in Korea.

This bird is a summer bird breeding in the whole Korea and some go through winter in the south area and island.

This bird lives in a rice field, a stream, or a tideland and eats a frog, a fish or a snake.Nowolli Heron Breeding Site of Jincheon is a place which a number of Egrets and Herons breed on the Ginkgo tree in Nowon-ri preservation area.

When the Egret and the heron build a nest together, the Heron lives on the top of a tree and Middle-big Heron and Middle Heron do on the middle of a tree.

Now, this Ginkgo tree is dying owing to bird's excrement, so only the Middle-big Heron of 5~6 nests habitate.Nowolli Heron Breeding Site of Jincheon is designated and is protected as a Natural Monument because of water pollution and decrease of the number of Heron causing to a reduction of its food - a frog, a loach and damages by tourists.