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    • Muku Tree of Sadang-ri, Gangjin
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 Classification Natural Monument   35
 Name of Cultural
Muku Tree of Sadang-ri, Gangjin
 Kind of Cultural
Old Big Tree
 Quantity 1 Tree(550㎡)
 Designated Date 1962.12.03
 Address 51-1, Sadang-ri, Daegu-myeon  Gangjin-gun  Jeollanam-do
 Owner Gangjin-gun
 Manager Gangjin-gun
 Description The muku tree grows in the warm places on the western shore of Korea's mainland and Gyeonggi-do.

Because this tree is strong like pinus thunbergii and celtis sinensis, it is used as a windbreak against seawinds.

This tree is similar to celtis sinensis.

So, in some places, it is called Gaepaengnamu or Geompaengnamu.

The Muku tree in Daegu-myeon is about 300 years old.

It is 19m tall and has a girth of 9.7m.

It stands beside the road to the town.

Though it is divided into six branches, it looks grand and beautiful.According to the tradition, a woodcutter died suddenly right after he cut off a branch of this tree.

Since then, people have believed this tree to be holy.

Until 1960, people had performed a sacrifical ritual for this tree.

The ceremony was for the purpose of the villagers' cooperation.

After 1960, however, the ceremony has disappeared.

The Muku tree in Daegu-myeon has a beautiful appearance and has been under our ancestors' care and protection for a long time, and is also valuable biologically.

Therefore, it is designated and protected as a natural monument.