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    • Kaya of Samin-ri, Gangjin
    • Kaya of Samin-ri, Gangjin
    • Kaya of Samin-ri, Gangjin
    • Torreya tree in Byeongyeong-myeon
    • Torreya tree in Byeongyeong-myeon
    • Torreya tree in Byeongyeong-myeon
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 Classification Natural Monument   39
 Name of Cultural
Kaya of Samin-ri, Gangjin
 Kind of Cultural
 Quantity 1 Tree(2,248㎡)
 Designated Date 1962.12.03
 Address 28-10 Dongsamin-gil, Byeongyeong-myeon  Gangjin-gun  Jeollanam-do
 Owner Gangjin-gun
 Manager Gangjin-gun
 Description Japanese nutmeg trees are found in Japan and Korea.

In Korea, it grows at the southern area of the Naejangsan Mountain.

Because of its beautiful outlook these are planted often nearby.

The seed of this tree is used as a medical stuff and the oils.Samilli Japanese Nutmeg Tree in Byeongyeong-myeon is about 500 years old.

Its trunk is 11.5 meters and its girth is 5.8 meters.

There are two opinions about the survival of this tree without being lumbered for 500 years.

Firstly, in the 17th year of King Taejong they lumbered all trees which could be used as a timber in order to build a military building in this province, but this tree was too small to be used as a timber in those days.

That is the first reason why this tree was not lumbered.

Secondly, there is a opinion that this tree has been preserved by village people because it is the only medical stuff curing the taenia.Nowadays village people consider this tree as a guardian deity and they pray this tree for their peace and safety on every January 15th.

It has been preserved by Korean ancestors' care and concern, this tree has been designated and conserved as a natural monument because of its great value as a historical and cultural data.