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    • Evergreen forest in Yesong-ri
    • Evergreen Forest of Yesong-ri, Wando
    • Evergreen Forest of Yesong-ri, Wando
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 Classification Natural Monument   40
 Name of Cultural
Evergreen Forest of Yesong-ri, Wando
 Kind of Cultural
Windbreak Forest
 Quantity 3,901㎡
 Designated Date 1962.12.03
 Address 220, Yesong-ri, Bogil-myeon  Wando-gun  Jeollanam-do
 Owner Kim Myeong-hak and 14 people
 Manager Wando-gun
 Description The Yesongni Evergreen Forest of Wando is located on the southeastern shore of Bogildo Island.

It was made to serve as a windbreak for typhoons by the villagers about 300 hundred years ago.

It is about 740m long and has the shape of a half moon.This forest in Yesong-ri plays the role of a windbreak as well as having a lot of rare plants and trees.

In addition, it provides good conditions to induce fish to come to the shore.

Therefore, it is designated and protected as a natural monument.