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    • Colony of hemlock, pine and beech trees in Daeha-dong
    • Hemlock tree
    • Hemlock tree
    • Colony of beech trees in Daeha-dong
    • Leaves of pine tree
    • Colony of hemlock, pine and beech trees in Daeha-dong
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 Classification Natural Monument   50
 Name of Cultural
Colony of Siebold Hemlock, Japanese White Pine, and Japanese Beech in Taeha-dong, Ulleung
 Kind of Cultural
Rare Species
 Designated Date 1962.12.03
 Address San1-1, Taeha-ri, Seo-myeon  Ulleung-gun  Gyeongsangbuk-do
 Owner National &Private Property
 Manager Ulleung-gun
 Description Hemlock, Japanese whate pine trees and Japanese beech trees are trees whose stems are thick and whose branches usually spread upward.

Hemlock and pine trees are evergreens which have green leaves all the year, while beech tree has deciduous broad leaves which come out in spring and fall in autumn.

These three trees are commonly found in Japan but, in Korea, grow only in Ulleungdo Island.

The stock of Hemlock, pine tree and beech tree at Taeha-dong has a special distribution of flora and is also valuable biologically.

Therefore, it is designated and protected as a natural monument.