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    • Ginkgo Tree of Guryang-ri, Ulju
    • Ginkgo Tree of Guryang-ri, Ulju
    • Ginkgo Tree of Guryang-ri, Ulju
    • Ginkgo Tree of Guryang-ri, Ulju
    • Gingko tree in Duseo-myeon
    • Gingko tree in Duseo-myeon
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 Classification Natural Monument   64
 Name of Cultural
Ginkgo Tree of Guryang-ri, Ulju
 Kind of Cultural
 Quantity 1 Tree
 Designated Date 1962.12.03
 Address 860, Guryang-ri, Duseo-myeon  Ulju-gun  Ulsan
 Owner Lee Gyu-sin
 Manager Ulju-gun
 Description A ginkgo tree can be as old as a fossil.

The tree was introduced along with Confucianism and Buddhism from China.

The trees are found in Japan, China and Korea.

The ginkgo tree has beautiful leaves in fall which are not damaged by harmful insects.

The ginkgo tree provides large, dark shade.

Therefore, it is often planted as an arbor or a roadside tree.The ginkgo tree in Duseo-myeon is about 550 years old.

Its height is about 22.5m and its girth is about 8.37m.

This ginkgo tree is in Jungri-maeul, Duseo-myeon.

There is a story regarding this ginkgo tree.

A long time ago, Lee Pan-yun resigned from government service in Seoul and returned to his hometown with a ginkgo tree.

He planted it near his own pond.

Today, famers use the ginkgo tree as a resting place.

It has been said that when a woman prays to this tree to bear a son, she will have her son.

The ginkgo tree of Duseo-myeon is preserved well by descendants to the present day.

Since it is valuable ethnically and culturally, this ginkgo tree is designated and protected as a natural monument.