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 Classification Natural Monument   69
 Name of Cultural
Granite of Unpyeong-ri, Sangju
 Kind of Cultural
 Designated Date 1962.12.03
 Address 179 etc. Unpyeong-ri  Sangju-si  Gyeongsangbuk-do
 Owner National &Private Property
 Manager Sangju-si
 Description An orbicular bead is the stone which is round like a ball and it is formed in particular environmental conditions.

Orbicular beads are mostly found in granites.The 8 groups of granite boulders were found at the Ungokri Valley in Unpyeong-ri.

The 6 groups of them were submerged in the water of valley and the 2 groups of them are exposed on the water.

Villagers call these granite boulders 'turtle rocks' because they look like turtle shells.

The diameter of an orbicular bead is 5 ~ 13 centimeters and its edge is black.The granite boulders in Unpyeong-ri are geologically a rare and special data.

These have been designated and conserved as a natural monument because these are important data researching how the rock is composed of.