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    • Ginkgo Tree of Hasong-ri, Yeongwol
    • Ginkgo Tree of Hasong-ri, Yeongwol
    • Ginkgo Tree of Hasong-ri, Yeongwol
    • Ginkgo Tree of Hasong-ri, Yeongwol
    • Gingko tree in Yeongwol
    • Gingko tree in Yeongwol
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 Classification Natural Monument   76
 Name of Cultural
Ginkgo Tree of Hasong-ri, Yeongwol
 Kind of Cultural
 Quantity 1 Tree
 Designated Date 1962.12.03
 Address 190-4, Hasong-ri, Yeongwol-eup  Yeongwol-gun  Gangwon-do
 Owner Hasong-ri
 Manager Yeongwol-gun
 Description A ginkgo tree can be as old as a fossil.

The tree was introduced along with Confucianism and Buddhism from China.

The trees are found in Japan, China and Korea.

The ginkgo tree has beautiful leaves in fall which are not damaged by harmful insects.

The ginkgo tree provides large, dark shade.

Therefore, it is often planted as an arbor or a roadside tree.The ginkgo tree in Yeongwol is about 1,000-1,200 years old.

Its height is about 29m, and its girth is about 14.8m.

This ginkgo tree used to be planted in front of the Daejeongsa Temple.

The temple is gone, and houses were constructed.

Therefore, today, the ginkgo tree is in the middle of the village.

The original stalk of the ginkgo tree was dead, and new buds have grown into the present ginkgo tree.

This ginkgo tree is still used for a resting place.

The villagers have believed in some stories about this ginkgo tree.

First, no animals or insects can access this ginkgo tree because a supernatural powered snake lives in the ginkgo tree.

Also, though children have fallen off the tree, they don't get hurt.

Last, a long time ago, a woman who wanted to have her baby prayed successfully to this ginkgo tree on July 12 by the lunar calender.The ginkgo tree in Yeongwol has been preserved well by descendants for a long time.

Since the ginkgo tree is valuable ethnically and culturally, it is designated and protected as a natural monument.