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    • Enterance of Gimnyeonggul cave
    • Gimnyeonggul cave
    • Gimnyeonggul cave
    • Passage of Manjanggul cave
    • Passage of Manjanggul cave
    • Passage of Manjanggul cave
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 Classification Natural Monument   98
 Name of Cultural
Gimnyeonggul and Manjanggul Caves in Jeju
 Kind of Cultural
 Quantity 1,086,157㎡
 Designated Date 1962.12.03
 Address San7, Donggimnyeong-ri, Gujwa-eup  Jeju-si  Jeju-do
 Owner Private property
 Manager Bukjeju-gun
 Description The Gimnyeonggul Cave and Manjanggul Cave are the typical caves in north-eastern Jeju-do.

These caves originally had been connected, but they were divided into two caves by the cave-in.

Manjanggul Cave is about 7.4 kilometers long, which is the 4th largest lava cave in the world.

There are many cave creations such as lava stalactites, lava stalagmites and lava stone pillars.

Especially the lava stone pillars in this cave are the largest stone pillars in the world.

The tracks of a lava flow on the floor are the valuable data for researching the process of lava cave's creation.Gimnyeonggul Cave is about 700 meters long.

The tracks of a lava flow remained on its floor, and the harden lava in shape of waterfall is at the end of cave.

The roof of this cave is very high, and the entrance is wide.

Therefore, this cave is worldly famous.

Different from lime caves, the Gimnyeonggul Cave and Manjanggul Cave in Jeju-do were formed by a lava.

These are world famous in scale and these are valuable datas for a research.

Therefore, these have been designated and protected as a natural monument.