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    • Songni Jeongipumsong Pine Tree in Boeun
    • Songni Jeongipumsong Pine Tree in Boeun
    • Songni Jeongipumsong Pine Tree in Boeun
    • Songni Jeongipumsong Pine Tree in Boeun
    • Jeongipum pine tree in Songni
    • Jeongipum pine tree in Songni
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 Classification Natural Monument   103
 Name of Cultural
Songni Jeongipumsong Pine Tree in Boeun
 Kind of Cultural
 Quantity 1 Tree(7,700㎡)
 Designated Date 1962.12.03
 Address 241 etc., Sangpan-ri, Songnisan-myeon  Boeun-gun  Chungcheongbuk-do
 Owner Beopjusa Temple
 Manager Boeun-gun
 Description Jeongipumsong in Songnisan Mountain (The Red Pine Minister Rank bestowed at Songnisan) is a 600-year-old pine tree.

Its height is 14.5m and its girth is 4.77m.

Jeongipumsong is on the way to Beopjusa Temple.

The pine tree is called "Jeongipumsong".

There are old stories regarding this tree.

In the tenth year of King Sejo(1464), when the king visited to Beopjusa Temple, he happened to go under the tree.

At that time, the branches of the tree were hanging down, and the palanquin got stuck.

As soon as King Sejo said "The palanquin got stuck", the pine tree raised the branches, and the king passed safely.

According to another story, King Sejo avoided rain under the tree.

Because of these two incidents, King Sejo bestowed on the pine tree Jeongipumsong (the post of minister) to praise the tree's loyalty.

The pine tree has gone through a lot of damage.

Subsequently a large scale of screen was installed against Solliphokpari's (a kind of fly) attack.

Today, the screen is gone.

The pine tree used to be beautiful with the shape of a conical hat or an umbrella.

The tree's branches on the west side were broken by a strong wind which happened in 1993.

Jeongipumsong in Songnisan Mountain is considered as a faithful tree, and it has been preserved by descencants.

Jeongipumsong is valuable in biology and history, and it is preserved and protected as a natural monument.