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    • Hallasan Mountain Natural Reserve
    • Hallasan Mountain Natural Reserve
    • Hallasan Mountain Natural Reserve
    • Mt.Hallasan nature reserves
    • Mt.Hallasan nature reserves
    • Mt.Hallasan nature reserves
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 Classification Natural Monument   182
 Name of Cultural
Hallasan Mountain Natural Reserve
 Kind of Cultural
 Designated Date 1966.10.12
 Address (The Whole Area) Jeju-do  The Whole area of Jeju-do  Jeju-do
 Owner National&Private Property
 Manager Jeju-do
 Description Hallasan Natural Reserve is 800 to 1,300m above sea level centering on Hallasan Mountain.

It includes some valleys and a few areas in which special plants grow.

Hallasan Mountain is the highest volcanic mountain in South Korea which is 1,950 m above sea level.

It has 360 parasite volcanoes.

Its geography is shaped by volcanic eruptions.

Hallasan Mountain has various plant distributions according to its height.

At the foot of the mountain is formed a subtropical forest.

In the middle, a temperate forest is formed.

Above it, a subarctic forest is formed.Around the top of the mountain, the Korean fir, an endemic species, is widely distributed while in the grassland and rocky area, various rare plants are growing.Tropical and arctic animals live together in Hallasan Mountain which has 873 kinds of insects, 198 kinds of birds, 8 kinds of reptiles and 17 kinds of mammals.

Among them, big roe deers, wildcats, mandarin ducks, great bustards, cranes, hooded cranes, white-naped cranes, bombina orientalis are on the verge of extinction and need the special protection.

Hallasan Natural Reserve has unusual ecological features of geology and geography and this place inclueds animals and plants, and many academic materials which need protection.

Therefore, it is designated and protected as a natural monument.