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 Classification Natural Monument   200
 Name of Cultural
Black Stork (Ciconia nigra)
 Quantity .
 Designated Date 1968.06.07
 Address Nationwide  etc  etc.
 Description The distribution area of the black stork is as follows: Iran, Amure, Usuri, North of the northeastern districts in China, Korea, Japan, Africa, and India.

The body of the black stork is 96cm long, and its head and neck, upper chest, and back are glossy black.

The belly is white, and the bill, legs, and sides of the eyes are red.

The young bird has an overall blurred color mixed with brown.

This bird lives in a rice field, the riverside, or a small valley, alone or as part of a couple.

It builds a nest on top of a high tree or on the twig of a rock cliff and lays 3~5 white eggs.

The black-headed stork is designated and conserved as a Natural Monument because it is a winter migrant that rarely comes out from September to October and from January to February in Korea.