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No Classification Name of Cultural Heritage Address Manager
1 National Treasure No.1 Sungnyemun Gate, Seoul Seoul Jung-gu
2 National Treasure No.2 Ten-story Stone Pagoda at Wongaksa Temple Site, Seoul Seoul Jongno-gu
3 National Treasure No.3 Monument on Bukhansan Mountain Commemorating the Border Inspection by King Jinheung of Silla, Seoul Seoul Yongsan-gu
4 National Treasure No.4 Stupa at Godalsa Temple Site, Yeoju Gyeonggi-do Yeoju-si
5 National Treasure No.5 Twin Lion Stone Lantern of Beopjusa Temple, Boeun Chungcheongbuk-do Boeun-gun
6 National Treasure No.6 Seven-story Stone Pagoda in Tappyeong-ri, Chungju Chungcheongbuk-do Chungju-si
7 National Treasure No.7 Stele for the Construction of Bongseonhonggyeongsa Temple, Cheonan Chungcheongnam-do Cheonan-si
8 National Treasure No.8 Stele for Buddhist Monk Nanghye at Seongjusa Temple Site, Boryeong Chungcheongnam-do Boryeong-si
9 National Treasure No.9 Five-story Stone Pagoda at Jeongnimsa Temple Site, Buyeo Chungcheongnam-do Buyeo-gun
10 National Treasure No.10 Three-story Stone Pagoda at Baekjangam Hermitage of Silsangsa Temple, Namwon Jeollabuk-do Namwon-si