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 Classification Treasure   236
 Name of Cultural
Flagpole Support at Mireuksa Temple Site, Iksan
 Kind of Cultural
 Designated Date 1963.01.21
 Address 80-2, 79, 93-1 Giyang-ri, Geumma-myeon  Iksan-si  Jeollabuk-do
 Owner National Property
 Manager Iksan-si
 Description Mireuksa Temple, founded during the reign of King Mu of the Baekje Dynasty, is the largest Baekje temple among the ones still existing today.

This temple site is celebrated in a famous legend about a young couple, Prince Seodong of Baekje, who later became King Mu, and Princess Seonwha of Silla.The temple's Dangganjiju is a pair of stone props to hold banner poles used for special occasions in a temple.

They stand 90cm apart from each other.

The pedestal is now totally destructed and half buried into the ground while, thankfully, the props are kept intact.There is no decoration on the inside of these two props except for the horizontal stripes carved into the outside of the props.

The stone pillars have three holes for affixing banner poles.

Each of the top holes are square, whereas the rest four are round.The simple design with little decoration on the props indicates that it dates back to the later era of Unified Silla.

These banner poles are often compared with those in Suksusa Temple site (Treasure No.

59) and in Buseoksa Temple (Treasure No.

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