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 Classification Treasure   798
 Name of Cultural
Cylindrical Multi-story Stone Pagoda of Unjusa Temple, Hwasun
 Kind of Cultural
 Designated Date 1984.11.30
 Address 91-44 Cheontae-ro, Yonggang-ri, Doam-myeon  Hwasun-gun  Jeollanam-do
 Owner Unjusa Temple
 Manager Unjusa Temple
 Description Unjusa Temple carries the myth that Monk Doseonguksa built 1000 Buddhist images and 1000 pagodas in Jeolla Province not to list the ship, which symbolizes this country, to the port.

The monk viewed the land of this country as a ship and was worried about that the ship would be slanted because there are more mountains than the land in Honam area, which was considered as the middle of the ship.

Currently, 18 pagodas and 70 Buddhist images remained in the temple.

This is one of the pagodas and placed in front of the stone Buddhist shrine.

The general method of structure and the composition are not applied to this pagoda.

Rather, it reflects own local characteristics from Goryeo Era.The platform consists of two-story of round base stone, a tall stone with ten facets, and the final stone decorated with 16 petals of a lotus flower.

The main part of the pagoda keeps the shape of circle at the core stone and the roof stone.

Every story has double lines along the side of the core stone.

Now, it has remained as the sixth story building but the original seems to have had more stories.The way of structure and composition of the pagoda is not ordinary compared to others and reflects the own characteristics of the local that was developed during Goryeo Dynasty.

The surface of the platform is smooth and even and the side round while the bottom of the roof stone is smooth and even and the surface of it round.

This shows the harmony and the stability between the top and the bottom."
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