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 Classification Treasure   1307
 Name of Cultural
Daeungjeon Hall of Neunggasa Temple, Goheung
 Kind of Cultural
 Quantity 1
 Designated Date 2001.02.23
 Address 21, Palbong-gil, Jeomam-myeon, Goheung-gun, Jeollanam-do  Goheung-gun  Jeollanam-do
 Age Late Joseon Period
 Owner Neunggasa Temple
 Manager Neunggasa Temple
 Description Renovated in the mid-18th Century, the building measures 5 kan* at the front and 3 kan at the sides.

Overall, it has a liberally bracketed structure.

The roof-supporting system has three outward arms and four inward arms.

The gorgeous ornaments in and out of the building are similar to those of the Main Halls of Bulgapsa Temple in Yeonggwang and Gaeamsa Temple in Buan (Treasure Nos.

830 and 292, respectively).

The bracket arm, carved in relief on the wall between the bracket systems, is an example rarely found in temple structures.

This building carries both academic and historical significance as one providing valuable information on the temple construction of the mid-late Joseon Period (1392-1910) in Honam Province.

(*kan: a unit of measurement referring to the distance between two columns)