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 Classification Important Intangible Cultural Heritage   53
 Name of Cultural
Chaesangjang (Bamboo Case Weaving)
 Kind of Cultural
 Designated Date 1975.01.29
 Address Jeollanam-do (Wide Area)  Damyang-gun  Jeollanam-do
 Description Chaesangjang means a technician who can make rings with colorful figures made of sliced bamboo.

Chaesang had been used as luxury furniture for women in the noble class since the ancient times.

In the end of Joseon, common people, in addition to yangban, used it as marriage necessities.

It was used as container of clothes, accessories, and acupuncture.Chaesang making begins with taking off skin of bamboo.

After peeling bamboo skin with teeth and putting the peeled skin in water, manufacturers put it in order.

Following dyeing, they weave 1 to 5 strands.

The work finishes after covering deep blue and black silks agreeable with basic figures on the edges.

Figures of chaesang are mostly wanja, longevity and happiness, cross, thunder, and strip, seeking good luck.Chaesangjang, which was on the verge of perishing due to wide distribution of plastic after the Modernization, was designated as an important intangible cultural asset.

Seo Han-gyu is recognized as master.